Thursday, September 10, 2009

Happy Early Birthday To Me!

Monday Big Jed came over for lunch and to hang out (code: use my wireless Internet and drink during the day.) After we get back from lunch, I notice a box wrapped in brown paper.

Erratic: "What's that?"

The Boy: "Your birthday present."

Big Jed: "Wow, you are brave. Do you know what she will do knowing that present is in the house? She is scandalous."

TB: "That is why I wrapped it in brown paper. She told me she could steam open presents and reseal them, so I figured she couldn't do that with brown paper and packing tape."

BJ: (ha ha. I said BJ) "You are sorely underestimating her. She will lie, cheat, and steal to find out a surprise. Never again" (she is shaking her head in shame)

E: "It's true. I really hate surprises and will do just about anything to figure them out."

TB: "You can open it."

BJ: "No, man! Don't give in! Aw, you're being too easy on her..."

As they are discussing how the boy needs to torture me more, I am ripping into the box. There is so much tape on it, I resolve to the fact that one needs an engineering degree to open it. Oh! Or scissors. So, I finally get it open and it is a bunch of crap from the boy's desk. Some memory, random plastic feet for what I can only guess is a desk, some foam, etc. Erratic not happy. He then proceeds to tell me that the present is in the house, has been under my nose all along and that, no, I cannot in fact open it.

Which, of course leads to 10 minutes of whining and begging and pleading and bargaining and more whining. He finally caves, presumably to shut me up, despite Big Jed's rallying 100% against me.

And guess what I got? JUST GUESS!

A Kindle.

I have wanted one since the day they were released. I sit and ogle them online, envy all of my friends that have one, look at all the books I could be reading whenever I want, dream about the day when I don't have to travel with 5 - 10 books depending on the duration of my was truly the perfect gift. I am sooooo happy. :) I spent all day and all night Monday setting it up, downloading books, and then ultimately reading my very first e-book, The Magicians, which is such a good book. As one critic put it, it is Harry Potter with sex, drugs, and a whole lot of drinking.

Later Monday night I pry myself away and check all my online stuff to make sure I wasn't missing anything, and I see a post on twitter specifically stating that the boy needed a new girlfriend because he has lost me to the Kindle. And in bold letters - DO NOT BUY YOUR GIRL A KINDLE. Hee Hee.

Thanks baby. Love you! :)


Big Jed said...

The Boy is just a sucker. Those of us who have fallen victim to your deceptive ways have learned...

The Boy said...

I might be a sucker... but i also know who feeds me! ;)

Gypsy said...

Happy early birthday! And what a thoughtful gift. Or maybe he was just trying to get rid of you.