Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Oh, hey, soap box. I am going to spend some time on you today.

I am sure all of you have heard about the Penn State drama. If you haven't heard about it, I recommend packing a bag and leaving your cave for a day to read up. I will wait.

I live in Columbus, OH. And, yes, I realize that I my anonymity fails. I am one post away from posting a picture of myself in front of my house holding a sign with my social security number on it. What can I say? I know most of you in real life anyway. Also, my identity sucks. I am willing to trade.

Most of the people I have encountered on Facebook are upset because of the way he is leaving, the terrible downfall of a great coach. A legend's reputation tarnished. 

Dear Everyone,


Common Sense.

Oh, he told his superior, you say? Bullshit. Not good enough. Bull Fucking Shit.

Wait, you say. Wasn't MY city and MY team recently involved in a scandal? Oh, yes, we were. We traded free tattoos for sports memorabilia. And our couch was forced to resign. A coach who overlooked some kids being kids.


Ugh. This world. Joe Paterno should be prosecuted as an accessory to rape. Everyone who knew should be prosecuted. There are a lot of crimes that are somewhat understandably overlooked. THIS. SHOULD. NEVER. BE. ONE. OF. THEM. Ever. 

Innocent children.

So, if you are one of the people who sympathize with Paterno or think his end in college football is sad, please stop reading this blog.

I may be crass and inappropriate. I may be a terrible person with a room reserved in hell. 

But, I would never, ever, ever allow someone to hurt a child. I would never stand back and do nothing. I would never do what Joe Paterno did.


Big Jed said...

I would like to join you on your soap box. I know that I also live in a town where football rules and things are overlooked, but hurting an child should never be one of them. Because of fucking football? Ugh. I want to flush college sports down my toilet, except my septic tank isn't big enough to hold all of the shit.

Josey said...

Ugh, thank you!!!!! My husband is one of those people feeling bad for Paterno... "he deserved at least a face to face firing"..."he was such an amazing coach for so long"... etc.etc...


We actually got into fights about it last night AND this morning, b/c I have ZERO tolerance for someone who spent over a decade not making sure that the rapes were stopped.


Phnx65 said...

Nicely said. Kudos to you.

Mrs. Case said...