Saturday, June 25, 2011

Cotton or Lace?

I just typed an entire post about underwear that was witty and sort of a hallucination and then accidentally deleted the whole thing. Gah!

Summary...I am still not sleeping, which is making me feel like a crazy person. Also, I am pretty sure everyone thinks I am stoned. I am not, in fact stoned. Just tired.

I revealed that I only wear cotton boy shorts. I do not wear sexy, lacy underwear and discovered that this may, in fact, be weird. So, I would like to poll the readers and find out if there are any other cotton loving, boring underwear wearing girls out there. Or are my underwear choices just terribly, terribly unattractive? And it's not like this is new, I have always been this way. Sexy underwear just aren't my thing.

The previous post was much more hilarious. And I would rewrite it, but I am not totally sure I didn't hallucinate it. Also, sleep.


Bradshaw said...

I like skivvies a lot. I have a minor addiction to Vicky's Secret 5 for $25 Pink collection, so I do have lacey bits, and cotton boy short bits, and stretchy boy short bits, and all forms of other bits. It's not for anyone else, but fun underoos make me happy. You go on rocking the cotton boy short bits. :)

Josey said...

The Lacie Cheeky Panty ( is the only way to go. Cotton full-butt underwear drive me insane and are supremely uncomfortable to me for some reason. The VS Cheekys are SO comfy. Love love love them!

Krackle said...

Currently, Cotton is my thing, but that may be because I am a beached whale (pregnant). When not prego, I mix it up to be honest. I have both. I think cotton boy shorts can be sexy and comfortable so I have those as well. I am sure you are glad to know this.

Big Jed said...

We talked about this. Cotton. Always cotton. Nothing else. Big 'ol granny panties for my big 'ol butt. And I don't care. Those other kind ride up and don't let my cooter breathe right. Just sayin'.