Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Things that have happened this week

  1. I am officially done with training! 8 weeks is a long time. My first solo close is on Thursday, I finally have full access to everything and I am beyond stoked. I am done being babysat and ready to just do my own thing.
  2. One of my fellow sous chefs got arrested yesterday for domestic violence and assault. He can't afford bail. As selfish as this is, he basically paved the way for me to not have to relocate. There were talks of an hour commute or actually moving me to a new city. I am beyond stoked that he got arrested and I get to stay here. Also....what a piece of shit. He beat the shit out of his ex. I don't know the details of it, but based on the bail and charges, he put her in the hospital along with hurting one of his kids. Good riddance. I hope they fire him.
  3. I learned that there was a location that the exec and sous chefs were cooking meth out of the tilt skillet! This cracks me up. It was in a mall! With security cameras. Idiots.
  4. We got a kitten. Her name is Dr. Harlene Francis Quinzel. I call her Harley. Obviously man-pants named her. And if you don't get the reference, it is The Joker's psychiatrist turned girlfriend in the comic books. Naming her after an evil genius was very apt. She is a spitfire, but so sweet. THE PETS OUTNUMBER US. There may be a mutiny.
  5. I finally found tattoo sleeves that I can almost stand. They are golf sleeves so that you can golf all day and not get sunburned. They are meant to breathe and I honestly forget they are there. Until I take them off and then it's just sweet relief where my arms can finally breathe again. 
  6. I am the fucking shit on expo. I seriously feel like such a bad ass standing there just controlling the kitchen. I'm a good manager, for sure. But this job takes it to a whole new level. After tonight, the guys all said I did a great job and it felt great. I can do this. My insecurities need to shut the fuck up.
  7. My mom bought plane tickets to come see me over July 4th weekend. I am so excited to see her, but terrified she is going to freak out about where I live. I am a city girl through and through now. I will never leave my 'hood. And THANK GOD they fixed up the building across the street so it is no longer boarded up. I just worry she is going to be uncomfortable staying here. And worried that she is going to worry about me. How do you explain to people that you WANT to live in the neighborhood with gun shots. OH! And the big firework celebration is the day she comes in, so let's just hope she can't tell the difference between fireworks and gunshots....there is going to be a lot of both.
  8. My good friend and hairdresser came over to meet Harley. Most of my friends follow the "I'm too lazy to shut the bathroom door" policy. (It's down a hallway that it would be super weird for someone to randomly walk down.) Well, wily little Harley decided to run into the bathroom full speed ahead and JUMP IN THE TOILET. WHERE MY FRIEND PROCEEDED TO PEE ON HER. First bath left me with some battle wounds. WHAT CAT THIS?
  9. A good friend of mine and neighbor had his cat jump in the toilet after he took a shit. So, I guess a lot of cats? But, seriously. better.
  10. I blogged! I totally don't have a working laptop anymore and work stupid weird hours. And a lot of my downtime is spent with man-pants because he also works super weird hours. And as much as I love you guys, quality time with him will kind of always trump blogging. 

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