Tuesday, August 26, 2014

10 things I just don't understand

1. Getting a tattoo of your dog. Or your cat. Or your your albino ferret. I love animals as much as the next person (give me otter or give me death) but a tattoo? Really? No. 
2. People who order sandwiches with no bread. Get a salad. Or, really, anything. But a pile of turkey and cheese with a side of mayo is weird.
3. The als ice bucket challenge...good cause, I know. But so fucking annoying. 
4. My job. I would elaborate if I could. Ugh.
5. How rioting is a solution to violence. And how violence is a solution to anything. And sending tear gas into a crowd of elderly people and children. Mostly just violence as a solution.
6. My addiction to cheese fries
7. My cat's inability to shut the fuck up between 3 am and 7 am
8. Why when it rains it pours. Just one thing at a time, universe.
9. People who are gluten free that order pasta. Because you can't have a gluten allergy if you don't know what the fuck gluten is.
10. The Kim Kardashian game. That I can't stop playing. Send help. 


J o s e y said...

LOL, all legit things to wonder about.

monique said...

#10? Really?