Monday, June 25, 2012

I will still totally sound like a man.

I can't get "Shoop" out of my head. This has been happening all day. I am just minding my own business, cooking some food and all of a sudden "Shoop Shoobadoobie, like Scooby Dooby" pops out of my mouth and I startle myself when I slap my hand over my mouth, not wanting my male coworkers to hear. But they hear. And they laugh. And there may be pointing. And my face would have turned red if it wasn't THE TEMPERATURE OF HELL in the restaurant and my face could alas not be redder.

This happened several times. Until suddenly, I found myself surrounded by the servers who all know the song, singing it from start to finish and then laughing so hard it hurt. My job is awesome. Except for the fact that I work in hell. That sort of sucks. We actually wrote Hell in giant letters on the wall, so that when you walk into the prep room, you are actually walking into Hell. 

I watch a lot of food TV. For multiple reasons. One of them is that I am very green in the industry and I just want to absorb information so as to not look like an arse. However, I HATE people that are a part of food TV. It's like in order to be on television competing, you have to be a the kind of person that makes me want to remove my brain and stomp on it repeatedly. So, I watch food and wince and every word that comes out of every single competitors mouth. I am only sharing this with you now because I am watching Master Chef as I type this and the woman expediting has NO IDEA how to expedite and is instead just yelling at everyone, which is just making the situation worse and I found myself screaming at the TV "Just tell them how many eggs they need all day!" And now I have just confused the majority of you with kitchen talk. And that story wasn't even that cool.

I really shouldn't publish this but I am rambly and high strung this evening, so this is what you get. I believe some bloggers call it thought vomit Thursday? I can't remember the day. Let's just call this Crazy Rambling Monday, mkay?

THERE ARE ONLY LIKE TWO BOXES LEFT. This is huge. I am so happy I could squeal.

Yesterday I did the local Haus and Garden tour and it was AMAZING. There is something about walking into somebody else's house, shamelessly oggling their belongings, and criticizing their decor (note: poodle is not a decor choice. It is ugly.) It was awesome. These houses are selling for $550k to a million dollars, so it was especially delightful to see that sometimes money does not equal taste. 

The BEST part of the day was Pocket Pen and Cupcake asking me to do the dessert for their wedding. Now. I realize that all of you are going BUT YOU HATE BAKING and upon seeing my face, Pocket Pen immediately blurted out "not a wedding cake" and my heart calmed and I managed to not shit myself. They want individual plated desserts and that is definitely something I can handle. I am incredibly honored to be doing this for them on their wedding day! I am also terrified, but that is nothing new!

So, the whole reason that I even wrote this post is the video walk through is happening now! Finally! 

Just a few things I want to point out. My allergies were SO BAD. I don't normally sound like a coke addict after a weekend binge. Sorry about all the sniffling. I couldn't exactly stop and  blow my nose through the whole tour. Also, I hate my voice. That is exactly what it always sounds like and I sound like a man and I hate my voice. But, who doesn't, right? Yeah, that is probably just me too.

When in the backyard, I refer to a weed that is actually grapevines. I am not so good at this plant thing yet. But, I am learning! Promise.

Without further house. I will do another video tour once we are completely unpacked. Then probably another one once we start to paint. And I will try to sound like less of a man and not sniffle every 2 seconds.


J o s e y said...

It's kinda creepy to me how much you sound like Ann. Weird.

Awesome house. Wow. So jealous of the crown molding! I also like the dark accent walls in the master - it's nice to have some contrast and keep that room darker and soothing.

I think it's funny you are so careful to not expose your image. :)

monique said...

Great house & yard. The old homes have so much character and charm. You have to be crazy - silly - excited about it. Enjoy it all.