Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Years ago, I would go with my dad to the homeless shelter and serve them food. It was a Christmas tradition that bled into other months as the need presented itself. I haven't been in so long, I don't even remember where it is located. 

I changed that today. Last Friday, I did an event for my parents church to benefit an orphanage in Africa. One of the people they sent to help me cook leads the group that prepares and serves the meals at the shelter. So, of course five minutes into helping, I was roped into heading to the woman's shelter today, something I have only done once. I almost strictly went to the men's shelter.

It always staggers me how normal these women look. I am not saying that to be insensitive, it is not as if homeless women should have a look to them. It's just with men, it's more obvious. With women, they seem to take better care of themselves and are cleaner. 

There were several pregnant women, which broke my heart. It was clear a few of them were not quite there mentally. It was also clear that they were a family, something else that is vastly different between the men and women's shelters. 

I always feel sort of uncomfortable doing these. The women that I go with live in the wealthiest part of Columbus. That is not to say that they aren't good people, they are. But, there is clear disdain when dealing with some of the women. And they gossip about what they are wearing and what they were doing as soon as we leave.

Financially speaking, I am much closer to these homeless women than I am to the millionaires I am going with. I have experienced times when I had no money and no job and have been lucky that there are people in my life that were willing to help. If there hadn't been, there are at least a dozen times I could have ended up where these women are. And it humbles me. It makes my couch a little more comfortable, my TV ostentatious. Yes, I work hard. The boy and I both do. But, we are fortunate as well.

I committed to helping out whenever they needed me because sometimes I think we need reminders that our problems aren't always as big as we think they are. 100 degree kitchens are nothing when I get to come home to my air conditioned house. 

But, I sure as hell am typing this from my couch, drinking a glass of wine, and watching my ostentatious TV.

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