Monday, October 12, 2009

Things I learned while beyond unemployed.

  1. My neighbor trims his bushes EVERY SINGLE MONDAY. He gets home from work, gets out his electric hedge trimmer thingies (this is a giant hint that I do not, in fact, trim my bushes. Like ever.) and trims not just his, but his neighbors. Then he gets out his leaf blower and cleans the sidewalks. He also uses his leaf blower to dry his truck when he washes it by hand. I have an overwhelming urge to walk outside and remind him that we live in a condo and pay that ridiculous fee so that someone else does that crap.
  2. Everyone else works a 9 - 5 ish job. It is like a ghost town here during the day. I walk the boys and often do not run into a single human being, even on the nice sunny moderately warm fall days. Nobody. So, the economy can't be THAT bad, right? Or the other unemployed people are inside on the computer looking for jobs instead of out walking the dogs. Either way.
  3. Remember when you worked an 8 hour day and you got SO MUCH DONE in that 8 hours and would come home all tired and exhausted? Yeah. You're not that productive without deadlines and a manager. In fact, half the day (at least) is spent catching up on DVR and eating something unhealthy on the couch in your pajamas. Maybe other people are more productive, but I am certainly not one of them. Goal for Tuesday: get dressed before noon.
  4. Is it wrong to want a house coat and house shoes? Old people totally had the right idea there.
  5. There is nobody home to kill bugs. I accidentally smashed a spider under my tab key and locked a giant man-eating bug of some sort between the sliding glass door and the screen door. I then sent the boy a g-chat informing him of said bug incidents and that he will need to rectify them when he gets home. Until then, I cannot tab.
  6. Finding a job blows. This is not something I have had to do for a very long time. And finding a job in a restaurant? I don't so much know how to do that. There either is not a single job in the restaurant field in this city or I have NO idea how to find one. They are not in the paper or on any website I have seen. If career services is not helpful tomorrow, I am just going to start walking in places and asking if they are hiring. This feels really time consuming, but what's a girl to do?
  7. Daytime TV is absolutely the most ridiculous thing on the face of the earth. Do people really watch all of this small claims court/ talk show punching and kicking/ doctors scaring the crap out of you stuff? And, for the love of god, I DO NOT WANT A SNUGGIE OR A MOTORIZED CART. Ever.
I have a couple of leads, though, so keep your fingers crossed. :)


Krackle said...

don't know if it helps erratic, and I by no means no anything about the restaurant biz, but every job my brother has had was received by just walking in and filling out an application.

you're right...seems like a lot of work.

Erratic said...

DAMNIT! Thanks Krackle...operation get me a J-O-B begins on Wednesday. I am just going to start walking into every place I can find until someone hires me! Ugh. :(