Friday, May 30, 2014

This post focuses on me being an asshole...and also my asshole

Prepare yourself for TMI. My period has decided lately that it will be SUPER heavy, make me constipated and then cause lower back pain. 

This is month three of this shit. (Pun intended)

I was whining to man-pants tonight and tried to stand up to go pee and exclaimed the following:

"It's like god cuts off your fucking leg. So you have no leg. And then he flicks you in the forehead. That is my lower back pain, god is flicking me in the fucking forehead." Which is what I said as I literally waddled to the bathroom like I was about to birth a bowling ball.

This post is NSFC.

Didn't laugh? Man-pants didn't get it either. The real lesson here is don't let nuns read my blog. And flicking someone in the forehead is a dick move. And know Internet short hand. Because if you don't know what NSFW means, I feel like you accidentally open a lot of vulgar shit in staff meetings. And then send me angry text messages about how I should warn you before I send that shit. 

My bad.  


monique said...

ha ha :0)

Fredulous Yo said...

I really really like being male.