Friday, February 15, 2013

The uninteresting life of me.

Hi! Once again I find myself apologizing for my absence. Yeesh. I have been insanely busy and a thousand other excuses. I'm sorry.

I would say Happy Valentines Day, but fuck Valentines Day. Not because it is a Hallmark holiday that I found extremely cheesy. Not because I am the most unromantic person that has ever existed. Because in the restaurant industry, Valentines Day is a giant pain in the ass. Special menus, over staffing or under staffing, people who don't normally go out to eat, going out to eat...just a nightmare. New Years Eve and Valentines Day are known for the shitty tips, the unreasonable demands, just a general bad day for the people who are stuck there doing all the work. 

So, Happy Thursday. I hope you have a great Thursday where you stayed in and rented a movie and ordered a pizza. If you went out, I hope you tipped well and were not a total pain in the ass.

The job is looking up. I am starting to get my groove there, learning the ropes, and the staff seems to be starting to warm up to me. I don't feel so useless. I hate feeling useless. I can work their saute station (always the hardest station in a restaurant) solo now, so I can jump in and pretty much do whatever the situation needs. For a while, it felt like I was just standing off to the side watching everyone else scramble and feeling stupid.

The food is starting to grow on me a little bit. It's not as bad as I thought, I just really really hate Italian food. It is so rarely done well and this is done OK. I am excited to start improving the food because it really could be good. Now it is on par with a slightly better version of Olive Garden. Blech. I finally got them to stop prepping stuff fresh and then freezing it (?!?!?!) 

I still like the drive, although I have had a few traffic incidents that took my drive time from 30 to 60 minutes. Not awesome. The drive gives me a lot of time to think and I always have stuff I want to tweet, but I refuse to text and drive. So I am going to share them with you all!

8 things I wish I would have tweeted but didn't:

  1. "'Women are such terrible drivers' tweets the woman driving next to me who has almost hit me twice."
  2. "Breaking News: Slow Speed Chase. Cop Baffled by man driving on the wrong side of the highway going 15 mph" (this actually happened today)
  3. "Somebody please explain the correlation between driving and picking your nose. WE SEE YOU. AND YOU WIPED IT ON YOUR SHIRT."
  4. "I really wish I lived in a world where I could drink a forty on my half hour drive home. Like the 'we'll look the other way if it's your first beer' law."
  5. "'OH MY GOD THERE IS A CAR IN THE MEDIAN, SLOW DOWN AND STARE' says everyone ever driving ever."
  6. "I never would have believed you if you said today I would wake up and watch someone drive a rascal down the side of the highway. Yet, here I am."
  7. "'Hey Earl! My pick up truck has bigger tires than your pick up truck!' "Yeah, Junior, but mine has Calvin peeing on Hobbes!'"
  8. "'Don't cry like a bitch when you feel the pain' may be my new favorite song lyric. I definitely should not tell anyone this"


Ann said...

Sick Puppies reference. Nice. Always a good one.

J o s e y said...

Haha -- when I first moved to this county, open containers were LEGAL if you were outside of city limits - hence, I COULD drink a 40 on my 45 minute drive home. :) You were supposed to be below the legal limit to drive, of course, but ya... crack it when you leave town over the mountain pass drinking... make sure it's empty by the time you get back to town. Crazy, right? :) But nice.

Erratic said...

Ann - I knew you would get that. I seriously love that song and in particular that line. Don't know why. Makes me sound like a sociopath.

Josey - THAT IS AWESOME. I have family in Texas and remember when they allowed open containers - driving to the gas station with my uncle while he drank a beer. I do not support drinking and driving. But, it would be nice to have a beer after work. In my car. On my long drive home. :)