Monday, March 11, 2013

Boring house update for you...excitement for me!!

Guess what I did today?

The boy is ordering 2.5 tons (!!) of pea gravel and sand and digging out the garden next week. We are hoping for something along these lines as the end result, except with raised garden beds. And not so fancy of a path.

The plan was to do a bigger garden than this, but money just got out of control and we can't afford it. I plan to start seedlings for the early crops, like lettuce, in a few weeks. We are building a grow room in the cellar (yes, there were many jokes about this once we decided to do it) so that we can possibly keep some of the plants, specifically herbs, alive year round. We are going to use it initially to grow the seedlings and then figure it out from there. 

I will be posting in process pictures all next week. I AM SO EXCITED. Every seed listed above is an heirloom variety, meaning they are not genetically modified and were being grown prior to WWII. They are not commercially available, except recently at farmers markets. In other words,tomatoes that are so full of flavor and juice they explode in your mouth, as opposed to the mealy, flavorless, dry tomatoes you get at the grocery store.

I have never had a garden before. Or really had the follow through to keep much alive (plants, that is) for more than a few months. So, this is going to be a challenge.

On top of that, hooker is a landscape architect and is coming over to test our soil to see if we can grow herbs in the ground or need raised bed gardens for those as well. She is also landscaping our yard. For free. FREE. I am so excited to understand what plants I have and how to take care of them instead of just damage control on the 1800 mulberry trees that keep trying to grow. 

So be prepared for pictures and pictures and pictures as this all unfolds. Last summer was the year of keeping the yard under control...this year is making it look fucking bad ass. I can't wait!

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